Mission Festival – Presenter Resources

Thank you for volunteering to represent WELS Home, World, and Joint Missions as a Missions speaker! Please review the Missions Presenter Guidelines to assist you in your preparation.

Please add the “WELS Missions Promotional Resources – Template PowerPoint Slides” to the end of your presentation to bring attention to the many ways members can stay connected with WELS Missions. Notes are included to help you speak directly to the various slides and incorporate them into your presentation.

For questions or additional resources for your presentation, contact [email protected].

Home, World, and Joint Missions Projects Booklet

Download and view the 2022-2023 Home, World, and Joint Missions Projects Booklet, prepared by the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) and the WELS Missions Office.

“Grace—Hmong outreach in Vietnam” Resources

Download resources to use in promoting the Hmong outreach in Vietnam.

The Word of the Lord Grows: Christian Apache Voices – Bible Study Materials

Rev. Dr. William Kessel was asked to give a 50 minute presentation at the 125th anniversary celebration of the Lutheran Apache Mission on October 287, 2018. Dr. Kessel wanted to let Apaches from the past illustrate how the Word of the Lord has grown and spread for over 10 decades. Thus, he provided a history in stories in which nine Apaches use their own words to share the goodness of the Lord. The speakers were from various locations: East Fork, Cibecue, North Fork, and Whiteriver. They included young and old, men and women. Both churches and schools were represented as well as the orphanage.

The Apache way of learning includes pondering and discussing stories. To that end, Dr. Kessel has also prepared 10 Bible Studies to accompany his paper. We hope this material can be put to good use in congregations and schools. In this package, you will find the 10 Bible Studies as well as the Answer Key.

May God bless you as you speak His truth in love and share the Good News of salvation. And the Word of the Lord Grows.

Mission Journeys Resources

Download free print resources you can use to promote Mission Journeys within your church, school, or organization. For more information on the program, visit wels.net/missionjourneys.

School Resources

Hey teachers! Here are some Missions resources you can use at your school. View the LWMS Project Booklet to pick your school’s quarterly mission project. Utilize LWMS Kid’s c.a.r.e lesson plans. Plan a Cultural Fair for your students using the resources provided. Learn about new ways to get your students interested in and involved in WELS mission work.

If you would like us to mail you a complimentary packet of the bulletin board materials listed in this resource package, please email [email protected].

Promotions Toolkit

Download and use any of these items to promote WELS Home, World, and Joint Missions at your congregation, school, or small group. For more information or to request physical copies of the posters or maps, contact [email protected].

Mission Festival Resources

Please see the Missions Festival Planning Information form for information that will be helpful in coordinating event details with your Missions Speaker. We ask that you pass around the Interest Sign-Up Sheet – Mission Speaker Events (Legal Size) at your event for people to fill out, and then share with the Missions Promotions team at [email protected].

Feel free to use any and all of the Mission Festival promotional materials to get the word out to your congregation about the special event. If you would like to request additional information about a specific mission field for your Missions Festival, please email [email protected].